Build pipeline

 Build pipeline option in PBIT allows the user to select and arrange the modules in the order of user’s preference.

Select modules in pipeline

 Select the modules you want to study in the left tab and then click right arrow.Select modules in list

Change order by selecting the module in the right tab and clicking up and down arrow.

Select tools in desired order


Module name Fields Terms Detail
Non-homology analysis against human proteome

Non-homology analysis against human anti-targets

Non-homology analysis against gut microbiota proteomes
Query name The input sequence name
No. of non-homologous hitsValue(number)Displays the number of non-homologous hits obtained against database with input parameters
UndefinedThe query sequence is completely non-homologous to the database sequence
BLAST reportDownloadThe BLAST output can be downloaded and saved

Broad spectrum analysis

Essentiality and virulence analysis

Druggability analysis

Host pathogen interaction

No. of homologsValue(number)Displays the number of homologous hits obtained against database with input parameters
Pathway analysisAccessionValue(alphanumeric)UniProt accession ID for the protein
KEGG IDValue(alphanumeric)KEGG entry number
KEGG Pathway Displays information about pathway name and the pathway ID for the organism and human
Functional anotation and cellular localizationAccessionValue(alphanumeric)UniProt accession ID for the protein
Function Information about protein function
Subcellular localization Information about protein's location
InteractomeID/sAccesion IDs to other databases to show interacting partners

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